Prof. Danda B. Rawat

Howard University, Washington, DC

Danda B. Rawat, PhD,  ACM Distinguished Speaker, IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (FNTC and VTS)

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, College of Engineering & Arc
Director, DoD Center of Excellence in AI/ML, Data Science & Cybersecurity Center
CWiNs Lab  and Howard CS Graduate Programs
Howard University, Washington, DC, 20059, USA
Ph: (202) 806-2209 | Web:   |
E-mail: danda.rawat at howard dot edu
Google Scholar Profile | DBLP | LinkedIn CV/Brief Bio

"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday." US Navy SEALs

With a $90M USAF contract, Howard U will lead a new defense tech research center led by Prof. Danda B. Rawat

  With $7.5M, Army/DOD team with Howard University on AI center led by Prof. Danda B. Rawat 

I am looking for self-motivated PhD students to join my research group. If you are interested in working on challenging problems, please feel free to apply to our PhD programs (ECE or CS) at Howard University. I may not reply to your email until I find an overlap between your interest and my needs.  

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